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Summer 2017 - pt.1 Scandinavia and Estonia

2 months of endless travel across Europe

My summer holiday began in the early hours of the 2nd July, Leavers Ball had finished less than 3 hours before I left Tudor to head to Banbury bus station for a 4am bus to Gatwick Airport. I arrived at Gatwick at around 6am having had very little sleep on the bus ready for my 9am flight to Copenhagen where I arrived dreary eyed and extremely tired.

Somehow I managed to make it through that day without napping once to regain the sleep I had lost that night. The next morning I attempted to wake up for sunrise at Nyhavn, a 4am wake up, sadly there was no sunrise as the sun barely peeked through the clouds that morning so I went back to bed sleep some more hours before more exploring that day and an overnight bus to Oslo that evening.

After my overnight bus to Oslo I arrived having slept a total or probably half an hour in the very last moments of the bus ride. Arriving at 7am, my hostel was not ready for check in, so I dumped my bags and slept fo…

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