Make your own Magnum

   Recently the Emporium opened in Melbourne in April 2014, frankly I had no idea it was even under construction. The construction site had been apart of Myer for many years until Myer renovated into one building severing the bridge between the big department store and Melbourne Central. Since then there had been an 'empty' block of land separating Myer and Melbourne Central. I had no idea that such a big project had gone underway in Melbourne to create what could possibly be the current biggest shopping centre in Melbourne, quite possibly also the most laden with brand stores. 

   And so when I heard that a Magnum pop-up store had opened in the Emporium for a short time only, I realised I was very much in need of a magnum fix. So with 9 days to go of the pop-up stores existence in Melbourne's Emporium. I had to go. 


    I ordered the vanilla magnum with white chocolate coating topped with dried strawberries, roasted hazelnuts, vanilla crumble and honeycomb pieces with a drizzle of milk chocolate. It was divine. The white chocolate coating was thicker than usual and perfectly set. 

Ingredients all lined up
   I believe that the advantage of being given freedom to design and create your own magnum is benefiting to the company and the consumer. Because who doesn't want to customise a magnum, choose the chocolate and the toppings(which is not normally given on your average magnum), as well as not feel out of place when you start taking obsessive photos of your new treat for yourself. 



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