Flying out and Paris

our plane from Melbourne

On the 4th of September  I left Melbourne with 4 other girls to begin our 5 or 10 month exchange journeys to France. 
Our flight to Singapore was scheduled for a 3:40pm departure. However due to a delay on the Tarmac JUST before take-off, we departed 2 hours later. Our layover in Singapore was only 2 hours, so by this point we were all pretty convinced we had missed the next flight and would spend the night in Singapore Airport. 
Which did indeed end up happening. When we landed in Singapore and found the other students who would travel with us from Sydney and Adelaide. Half of which were lying on the floor outside the gate on a communal bag pile. They also had to break the news to us that our flight was delayed 2 hours. It was 11pm(Singaporean) by now, I hadn't slept on the first flight and was surprisingly still awake.
That 2 hour delay became a 4 hour delay and its safe to say we spent that night feeling like hobos. We had been given blankets by the Singapore airlines crew and were provided food from a cardboard box. There was a communal bag pile in the middle for people to sleep on. Not to mention that we had been in the same clothes for hours.
We spent that night in Changi airport riding around on luggage trolleys and bonding over our sleep deprivation. Honestly the Singapore Airport staff loved it!

We finally landed in Paris at 11am(Paris time)on the 5th and were hoarded onto a bus where we were given a silent tour around the historic city.
After arriving at the hotel we found out much to the dismay of the Australians that we had no time to shower before the afternoon/night activities with exchange students from Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and other countries that I have forgotten.
Paris is still as beautiful as it was when I first visited in 2011.
We went on a river cruise along the Seine; the day luckily was not gloomy and the beauty of Paris did not disappoint.

Afterwards we went to the Champs-Élysées where we were given free time to shop and eat. Whilst on the Champs-Élysées; Paris transformed from day to night, night being as gorgeous as the day was.
We grabbed dinner at a restaurant and then walked along the strip and finally under the Arc de Triomphe.


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