So in the April Holidays this year, my family and I took a little trip to go skiing in Canada. This was my third time visiting Canada and skiing at Big White Ski Resort. Our previous trips were in January 2010, where we got to experience Australia Day over there and in the April Holidays of 2013.

Flying to Auckland
On the first trip, we flew via Sydney with a few days stopover in Vancouver, which was really lovely. Vancouver was such a beautiful city, one that I would love to revisit later. For the second trip we had made plans to fly direct to Los Angeles, spend an hour or two there before flying directly to Kelowna. However the plane gods were not in our favour, so our itinerary changed. We ended up flying that day to Brisbane and spent the night there, before flying onto Los Angeles where we enjoyed a 4 hour stopover. During that time we left the airport to go and discover a bit of Santa Monica. Then we flew onto Vancouver before boarding our final flight to Kelowna, which is the town/city at the bottom of the mountain.

Big White is a great family ski resort and although I haven't been to many ski resorts around the world, it currently sits as my favourite(note. I have only skied in Canada and Australia). There is no shortage of Australians around, many of whom you may meet around the place at the store or ski lessons.

So one of my favourite things to do was to take panoramas from the top of the ski lifts or anywhere on the mountain.

After two weeks, we began the trip back to Australia via New Zealand. So the Lord of the Rings films are some of my all time favourite movies, and of course The Hobbit films were all just released. To commemorate the films releases, Air New Zealand has made Hobbit safety videos and even painted one of their planes to honour the legacy. Well at Auckland airport, I saw the plane!! Although this may not sound all that exciting, for me I was pretty excited and amazed by the plane. Unfortunately this was not our vessel back to Australia, I wish.

And I just had to time-lapse the landing into Vancouver as you can see the mountains and islands then boom there's a city and a runway.


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