Montserrat; a day trip from Barcelona


For may half term I decided to head back over to Spain, but this time added Portugal into the mix as well. Being money conscious I booked a flight out of Brussels, everything and anything flying out of England was too pricey. So another overnight bus it would be, this one to Brussels, and then a flight out and over to Barcelona.

This trip I planned on doing a day trip to Vall de Nuria in the Pyrenees, but me being me, I completely overlooked the fact that it was a Sunday and so transport would not be frequent. After calculating all this I realised I'd only have an hour up the mountain, so I switched plans and instead headed over to Montserrat, a monastery in some mountains a little closer to Barcelona.

Having no expectations I'd no idea what to expect, but it was stunning. The monastery itself was spectacular and attracted many tourists however in my opinion the gem was the hiking around the mountain.


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