Discovering The Prom

  In around September last year, my friend Orissa invited me to join her family on their annual camping trip to Wilson's Prom in southern Victoria.

  My parents aren't avid campers, so this was my first camping trip and also my first time at The Prom.

  I arrived on the 7th Jan with our friend Bec, whilst our other friend Mai had decided to extend her stay so she would be joining us camping. Note Mai had been there for a few days before us and had had horrible weather, we however had next to perfect weather the whole time we were there.

  Whilst staying at The Prom, we decided it would be a fun idea to undertake an overnight hike to Little Waterloo Bay on the other side of The Prom. Amongst us we had one legit hikers backpack, which would carry our tent, and three normal backpacks which we filled with clothes, water and food. Our sleeping bags were attached to the outside of the backpacks using rope, and we sacrificed the comforts of mattresses and pillows. Needless to say that 3/4 of the sleeping bags were 13° so by nightfall we were extremely cold, having used our jackets as makeshift pillows.

  Comfort aside, we did manage to find some utterly beautiful beaches only accessible via hiking. Photos were taken on an iPhone or gopro, which I find still does not do the beaches justice.

  On our last night, we climbed Mt Oberon to watch the sunset, photos taken were on my fujifilm camera.


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