72 hours in London

Millennium bridge
Borough market 

Tower bridge
Tower bridge

Tower Bridge

Admiralty Arch

St James' park


Primrose Hill

Camden markets

Camden market

Sherlock Holmes museum

Last weekend was the first exeat, meaning we got the whole weekend off to do as we please. For the first exeat we decided to head up to London. Luckily my day off lands on a Monday, so I was able to extend this trip a day and spend that day exploring London as well.

Having arrived on the Friday night, I simply checked into my hostel and headed to bed, ready to wake up and explore London with no direction other than walking indefinitely. The next morning all I really planned to do was walk until I hit the Thames and walk along the river for as long as I felt. Passing St Paul's on the way to the Thames meant I stumbled upon the Millennium Bridge, aka the bridge in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Next I discovered Borough Market, a cute little food market with absolutely delicious smelling goods from all directions. Continuing along the path I could see Tower Bridge in my sights and hit that I did too.

Afterwards I headed back toward Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus area, here I caught up with Lucy and we continued to walk aimlessly around London in an attempt to make it to Big Ben. On this wondering, we stumbled upon Buckingham Palace and St James' Park before making it to the Palace of Westminster and Big Ben.

For sunset, I wanted to visit Primrose Hill which apparently gave gorgeous views of the London skyline as well as great views for sunset. Little did I realise, that it was a popular spot for the sunset amongst tourists and photographers, so it was hard to grab a flick without anyone else's camera in it too.

That night I went to see Book of Mormon, a musical I've wanted to see for years and it did not disappoint! The guy I sat next to had seen it four times!

The next day we headed over to Camden Market, I had no idea what to expect, but it was so cute and the stalls offered such variety, not to mention the food park area which reminded me so much of the food truck parks back home. In the afternoon I met up with friends and we headed over to Big Ben to check it out and grab a couple of flicks.

On Monday I began the day by walking down Oxford St to check out the shops and eventually headed on my own little Sherlock tour. I visited the filming location of Baker St in the Sherlock tv series, as well as the Sherlock museum, which is actually located on 221B Baker St.

Overall I absolutely loved London, it has quite quickly become one of my favourite cities!


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