72 hours in Tromso

The next stop on our trip was Tromso; one of the northernmost cities in the world located above of the arctic circle. Our main aim in Tromso was to see the infamous Northern Lights, a dream that had been long dreamt by both of us. Upon arriving on our first night in Tromso, we were quick to jump on a Northern Lights tour bus in the hopes of spotting the aurora. Unfortunately due to overcast skies and little aurora activity, we did not see the lights that night.

The next day, weather conditions were no better, it had started to rain at times, the wind was picking up, halting services of the cable car that goes up the mountain and aurora forecast looked no better.

By our last day the skies were still overcast, however the wind had died down a little, allowing the cable car to resume service. We took the cable car up the mountain, at the top snow was hurling at us from all directions and Tromso was covered in a blanket of fog and mist; beautiful nonetheless.


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