Kyoto - Japan pt. 3

We decided that for the latter part of our trip we would base ourselves in Osaka and take day trips out to other cities or interest, with the first being Kyoto. I had visited Kyoto once before in 2010 with school and my brother had visited a couple of times previously too. For this trip to Kyoto, I had a few places i really wanted to visit with the first being the Fushimi Inari Shrine.

We arrived at the shrine in time to catch the hoards of other tourists who also wanted to walk through the orange gates up to the top of the mountain. Luckily not all of them pursued the full climb up so there were sections in which we had the whole path to ourselves. 

The out of order vending machine along the path

The view of Kyoto from halfway

On the way back we took the other path back down the mountain, which brought us around to the market next to the shrine, selling mainly food as well as bits and bobs here and there. Here we sat down to have some lunch.

Next stop was the bamboo grove in Aarashiyama, which unfortunately was also flooded with tourists, however here there was absolutely no chance of being able to snap a shot of the grove without a heap of people sharing the frame with you. 

We continued down the path to discover we had come across another path leading down to the river, this one was absolutely beautiful, the autumn leaves were blooming on the trees and a path of red leaves led the way.


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