Tokyo - Japan pt. 1

Back in April, Jetstar airlines released a deal to fly free return from Japan, granted you booked in time to secure these free return flights. Our family decided to jump onboard and book flights to Japan after I finished my VCE exams. Due to the limited amount of tickets available in a certain time period, we could only stay for a little longer than a week, however we tried to make the most out of the time we had in this beautiful country!

So on November 23rd, my brother and I set off to Japan with my parents following about 12 hours later. We arrived at our hostel in Tokyo at 9pm, grabbed food and crashed for the night. The following morning, my brother and I set off to explore a little bit of Tokyo. As an avid Pokemon player my whole life, I had made it known I wanted to visit a Pokemon centre, and visit one we did.

Tokyo welcomed us on this day with snow and 2 degrees Celsius temperature. It was the first snow in Tokyo in November in 53 years!

The view from Uniqlo

That afternoon, we met up with our parents who had arrived that day, we visited Sensoji temple and explored the surrounding streets.

The next day, we visited Yoyogi Park, on the way we took a pit stop at the shops to take advantage of Black Friday sales, and then continued onto the park, which was absolutely beautiful! Fall colours began to shine through on some of the trees and the sun was shining today!

Afterwards, we went to Harajuku (where we saw the Tamogotchi store!) and found our way to Shibuya crossing.



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