Tokyo to Osaka - Japan pt. 2

On our last day in Tokyo, hours before setting off on a Shinkansen to Osaka, we decided to visit the Tokyo Skytree. The Skytree is a recent build in Tokyo and offers 360 panoramic views of the city, which never ends! On a clear day, visitors are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Mt Fuji, which we luckily saw.

When we went, it was still a little cloudy, however as mentioned above we did see Mt Fuji! Upon having it pointed out to me by my dad that Mt Fuji was visible, I took it upon myself to try and perfectly align the mountain in the middle of the frame. To my stupidity, there was a cloud just right of Mt Fuji and I kept on mistaking that as the mountain and would align my photograph to centre the cloud, upon realising my mistake I quickly retook all photos to have the mountain in the middle.

Mt Fuji visible in the centre of the frame
The never-ending city
Try and spot where the city ends

Also being an avid lover of all things Hayao Miyazaki films, I just had to visit a studio ghibli store, especially as we were unlucky in scoring tickets to the Studio Ghibli Museum. We found one of the stores close by to the base of the Skytree.

Later that day in the afternoon, we took the Shinkansen to Osaka. The path from Tokyo to Osaka, took us past Mt Fuji, which is absolutely massive!


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