Cesky Krumlov

One simple photo of the view from Cesky Krumlov castle looking out over the small town convince me immediately to visit this town in the Czech Republic. What's there not to find charming and alluring? A moat-like river surrounds the town, with a church seen peeking up over the buildings, the cute orange rooftops, the fact that cars seem to cease to exist here and the friendly locals willing to make your stay as pleasant as possible. 

Cesky Krumlov was my first look at the Czech Republic, and it is nothing like anywhere I've travelled before, Cesky Krumlov in particular seemed to be frozen in time and it felt so much like a fairytale town, a place almost too good to be real and unbelievably adorable. It was also the introduction to my new favourite obsession; trdelnik, a doughlike pastry known in english as a chimney cake, and it is absolutely divine, I have no shame in saying I probably averaged about three a day during my stay in the Czech Republic. 

Above are a collection of photos which I hope testify my belief in how much of a fairytale town this was.


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