View from under the Charles Bridge

Trdelnik on the Charle Bridge

View from Charles Bridge tower

Charles Bridge tower

The Dancing House

Trdelnik in the making

Easter Markets at the Old Town Square

Easter Markets at the Old Town Square

View from Prague Castle

Prague Castle

View from under the Charles Bridge

Prague, where to even start? It's is a place unlike any I've stepped foot in before and I absolutely loved it so much! Arriving via bus from Cesky Krumlov, I immediately found my hostel and then straight out the door to explore Prague and soak up some sunlight before it rained the next day.

First stop was to eat some more trdelnik, my new obsession, and then on to the Charles Bridge and to climb the tower at the end for panoramic views of Prague. It was absolutely stunning! The oranges of the rooftops are just charming and plain cute. To add to my newfound love for Prague, the vibe of the city was alive, locals filled the streets and the Easter Markets in the Old Town Square had a stage where I stumbled upon a performance of what I think was a traditional Czech dance.

There really is no way to describe my new love for Prague but through these photos, which really don't do this incredible city justice. I will be back to explore more of you Prague.


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